Fuel Stabilizers

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Enjoyable moments on the water are the desired outcome of every boater. That means safety must be “front-and-center” of mind. Having a Boating Safety Checklist can help you make sure you have the MUST HAVE items for a safe journey on your boat.

When it comes to gasoline safety you should use a fuel stabilizer every time you fuel up. Gasoline changes composition from the moment it is refined until it is run through your motor. Over time your fuel, especially 10% gas/ethanol blend, attracts water molecules through your vent caps. A mere ½ of 1% water in your fuel will bond to the ethanol, sink to the bottom of your tank where it is sucked into your motor. Depending on the amount ingested, your outboard can experience poor fuel economy, engine bogs, even possible engine failure as carburetor or fuel injectors get gummed with the sticky resins that form.

Action Marine carries both Yamaha and Mercury as well as StarTron Fuel Stabilizer. Help prevent expensive engine repairs with a few ounces of stabilizer in every fresh tank.