Regular Maintenance Options

Regular Maintenance Options

Service Offered at Action Marine 

Tune up – replace spark plugs and fuel filter, inspect fuel for contaminants or water, inspect spark plug wires, replace in line or carburetor filters, sync and link the carburetors, replace distributor cap and rotor, replace points and condenser, check timing, clean the flame arrestor or air box, check idle lastly if applicable run computer diagnostics.

Replace spark plugs

Engine Oil / Filter Change (5 quarts of oil)

Transmission Fluid Change

Generator Oil Change

Clear speedometer pick-up

Trans / V-Drive Service

Summerize/Spring activation 

Replace water pump impeller – for an outboard, drain lower unit oil, remove gearcase, remove water pump housing, the impeller and associated gaskets.  Reinstall gaskets, key, and impeller, grease splines, reinstall housing and pressure check lower unit. Fill with appropriate gear lube and reinstall lower unit.

Stern Drive Service (includes pulling the drive, changing the gear lube, greasing u-joints, greasing splines, checking engine alignment, gimbal bearing. If engine is out of alignment an additional charge will apply to re-align u-joint bellows, shift bellows and exhaust bellows)

Carb Rebuild – remove carb, disassemble, soak carburetor in cleaner, rinse, blow all orifices and inspect with magnifying glass, then install gaskets, seals, springs, check balls, o-rings, accelerator pump, choke inspected. Reassemble carb, reinstall and test. Sync and Link.   Due to the changes in fuel and ethanol weighing less then gasoline, it actually raises the float level.  If you have noticed that your engine is not starting or idling well this would be due to the ethanol that is in gasoline.

Fuel Injector Cleaning – remove injector, soak in X-Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner, inspect to replace or reinstall.

Inspect propeller shaft & grease spleens

Compression test

Hook up to computer & get a print out ( if it has the hardware )

Gear lube change

Rebuild prop (if not damaged beyond repair)

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Labor to remove and install

Skeg rebuild 

Custom Clean

Acid Wash

Basic Trailer Maintenance ( includes checking running lights, checking tire pressure, top off brake fluid, add grease to bearing and zerk fittings)

Repack trailer bearings

  • Single axle trailer
  • Tandem axle trailer
  • Triple axle trailer