Sterndrive Maintenance

 Regular Maintenance I/O Engines

20 Hour Service

  • Check all fluids, including power steering and trim
  • Check and adjust timing and carburetor,
  • Check all linkages, including shift and throttle
  • Grease all zerk fittings on boat
  • Check the ECM for codes and clear
  • Clean flame arrestor
  • Check and trim gauge adjustment and tension on belts
  • Change oil and filter
  • Check over the motor mounts, bellows, and water hose
  • Check the neutral safety switch and lanyard stop switch
  • Check for any water, oil, or fuel leaks

50 Hour Service

  • Includes all 20-hour service items
  • Stern drive service, pull drive, check alignment, grease gimbal bearing and u-joints

100 Hour Service

  • Includes all 20-hour service items
  • Includes all 50-hour service items
  • Water pump impeller replacement
  • Tune up engine, including applicable parts for your engine, may include cap and rotor, spark plugs, fuel filters, plugs, as required by your engine, test and run, check timing, shift, carb and idle adjustments